About us

Q.  Do I have to pay up front?

     A.  No.  We never require you to pay for services before they are performed

Q.  Do you do alterations?

     A.  Yes.  We offer a wide variety of alteration services

Q.  Do I need to know my measurements to have something altered?

     A.  No.  We can measure and mark your garment for you

Q.  Do you take checks?

     A.  Yes.  We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and credit/debit cards

Q.  Do you clean wedding dresses?

     A. Yes.  We have been cleaning and preserving wedding dresses for over 30 years

Q.  Do you clean comforters?

     A.  Yes. We clean both conventional and down comforters

Q.  Do you starch jeans?

     A.  Yes.  We launder and starch shirts, pants, or jeans

Q.  Do you send out the cleaning?

     A.  No.  We clean and press all clothes in our facility

Q.  I have a spot of a pair of pants, should I put something on it before I bring it in so it doesn't get set in?

     A. No.  Please don't put anything on a stain before bringing it to us.  Many times the pre-spotting treatments that are available to you can either set the stain, or we have to remove it before our products can be tried.  It is always better to leave a stain and just point it out to us when brought in for cleaning.

Q.  My dress shirt has a broken button, can you fix it?

     A.  Yes.  When laundry shirts are processed, we check them for broken, missing, or damaged buttons.  We then replace them with the closest matching button that we have at no additional charge to you